Strategic Environment and Business Intelligence

Not that long ago, environmental management was seen as little more than a necessary cost of doing business. But as firms increasingly turned their sights to sustainability both in the environmental and the business sense. Effective
environmental management has come to mean more than managing risks and potential liabilities, and certainly more than simply a mechanism for assuring full compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

For a growing numbers of businesses, effective environmental management means actively contributing to the business’ bottom line by identifying areas where cost can be reduced as well as helping to maintain, improve and expand market penetration with products that avoid or even solve certain environmental problems.

Strategic Environmental and Business Intelligence represents the tools and systems that play a key role in strategic planning to achieve optimal environmental management outcomes for an organisation. These systems typically consist of:

  • a regulatory review
  • hazard identification process
  • risk assessment (often involving special software tools) and
  • the analysis of large amounts of data to aid in decision-making.

Companies are increasingly realising the value of taking a strategic macro-environmental approach in measuring and improving their environment and business performance.

MacroEnvironmental can help your company put in place tools that will provide the basis for making sound environmental and business decisions. Utilising our expertise in environmental risk assessment, business systems, legal and regulatory process, and management planning MacroEnvironmental will work with you to achieve strategic environment and business outcomes.

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