“Earth Day” truly lives up to its name this year

Earth Day 2016 will be remembered as an historic event

Today, the 22nd of April is “Earth Day”. Today 160 countries, representing >60% of global greenhouse gas emissions, will sign the Paris Climate Agreement. Today 160 countries will send a clear signal to market forces that the transition to clean economy is real, inevitable and irreversible

Earth Day originated in the USA back in 1970 with a series of huge rallies involving up to 22 million citizens [insert link]. In their inimitable way the Americans have continued with this date rather than adopt the UN commemorative date. This year will be the year that cements “Earth Day” into the global consciousness as a historic turning point.

The table below summarises the reduction in greenhouse gas emissions being committed to by a selection of the countries that will be signing the Paris Climate Agreement today.

CountryProposed Reduction in EmissionsRelative toNotes
Australia26% – 28%2005 emissions
USA26% - 28%2005 emissions
Canada0.32005 emissions
Japan0.262013 emissionsApprox. equal to 25.7% relative to 2005
New Zealand0.32005 emissions
Brazil0.372005 emissions
European Union0.41990 emissionsApprox. equal to 37% relative to 2005
South Korea0.37Relative to forecast “Business as Usual” emissions
Indonesia0.29Relative to forecast “Business as Usual” emissions
ChinaPropose 60% - 65% reduction in emissions per GDP relative to 2005, with peak emissions by 2030
IndiaPropose 33% - 35% reduction in emissions per GDP by 2030 relative to 2005

Global-Carbon-FootprintThe people at “Earthly Mission” have developed a wonderful graphical representation of the global greenhouse gas footprint, which I have reproduced below [note that this is their work not mine and here is the link to their site http://www.earthlymission.com/]

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